Concrete Projects

Concreting is the process of placing concrete into preformed moulds or formwork.  Whether it’s casting the ground slab for a house, the floors on a multi-story building, concrete pool, stairs or a suspended slab, it is the same process for a general driveway to a high rise building.

There are many types of concrete, from a general concrete mix of 20 mpa for the footing to 60 mpa or higher for commercial use. Concrete comes in many colours and has a large variety of uses, from house slabs to high-rise buildings to your backyard swimming pool.

At N&S Formwork and Concrete, we are specialist concrete formworkers servicing the entire Sydney metropolitan area. We have offices in the Eastern Suburbs and on the Northern Beaches. No job is too big or small.  Urgent and emergency concreting jobs can usually be accommodated.