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Dincel is a modular wall system, which in most cases can save one-third of your build time. It’s a waterproof system polymer which once its installed stays in place. Dincel comes into its own in the speed of installation, it does pay to have to have a contractor experienced in the system to install to reap the benefits of dincel walls.

Dincel wall supply and construction

All projects large and bespoke.

Dincel comes in a sizes of 1.8 meters 3 meters, it can come to a height of 8 meters. You can get a panel at 110mm wide, 200mm wide 155mm wide, 275mm wide. This can replace brickwork and blockwork in most cases which means we can install your walls and concrete slabs which in turn will speed up your build time, as the contractor does not have to leave site.

Dincel can be scheduled to be onsite after slab pours and in most cases, a Dincel wall can start being erected the day after the pour.

Dincel can be rendered, painted and Gyprocked and with most builds being under finance, the sooner you are in your home the better.

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Paddy and Paul have been fantastic to work with. They were professional, forthcoming and have done an excellent job forming my foundation and Dincel wall. Being an owner-builder, I have appreciated their support and valuable information. I highly recommend their service and am extremely satisfied with their contribution to my project. Thank you Paddy and Paul.

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Below is just a few examples of AFS and dincel wall projects we have completed throughout Sydney. If you want more information about any of our projects, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.