Concreting and Formwork

We have the equipment and team to complete all commercial and residential concreting projects – large and bespoke. We can work direct with homeowners, builders, high-rise residential investors and project managers.

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There are many types of concrete for both residential and commercial use. Concrete comes in many colours and has a huge variety of uses. Importantly, concreted needs to be placed by trained, and skilled professional concrete contractors to ensure it services the purpose for which it was designed for many decades to come.

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Specialist formworkers (often called formwork carpenters) are required to erect the formwork required for concrete construction to ensure accuracy and correct sizing to hold and sustain the massive weights involved. Our highly skilled formworkers can create any shape or size required for design aesthetics, safety and longevity.

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Steel Fixing

Steel fixing is the process of placing reinforced bars (re-bars) at the correct spacing as instructed by structural engineering plans and the relevant Building Codes.  Steel reinforcement gives concrete strength, without such concrete slabs would collapse. For this reason, steel reinforcement needs to be placed by experienced steel fixers.

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AFS and Dincel Walls

Dincel is a modular wall system, which in most cases can save one-third of your build time. It’s a waterproof system polymer that, once installed, stays in place. Our specialist dincel wall contractors are highly experienced in the installation of this system so you can reap its many benefits.

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The driveway is possibly the hardest working area of your home or business. It’s constantly bearing the weight of heavy vehicles and is exposed to harsh weather conditions every day. It can either enhance or detract from the appeal of a property.

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Concrete Stairs

Many times the stairs or a staircase is the main feature in the home or commercial building. Interior and exterior concrete stairs not only offer supreme strength and longevity, particularly in very high traffic environments but can be created in many different styles for eye-catching design aesthetic purposes.

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Concrete Pools

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning your own pool, we can make it a reality. Our concrete pool formwork and steel fixing business prides itself on providing an exceptional quality pool at a comparable price to fibreglass and other pool construction styles, you get a superior pool created by the best concreters in the business.

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Polished + Decorative

Decorative concrete is concrete that has been enhanced with decorative elements and techniques. Decorative concrete styles covers many different designs and forms including stencilled and stamped concretecoloured concretepolished concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete.

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concrete benchtops

Concrete Benchtops

Concrete benchtops are no longer the domain of industrial properties and are now commonplace in residential homes around Sydney. Concrete benchtops are sought after because of their durability, versatility and unique appearance.

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