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A stairway or staircase or just stairs are used to bridge a vertical distance, to move from one level to the next, even just the simple act of stepping into your house, you either step up or step over the door threshold, a set of steps might have 2-6 steps in it,  were stairs will have from 15 to 100 with landings in-between them for safety, which will give the best of us a good work out.

Many times the staircase is the main feature in the home or commercial  building, stairs can be built in a lot of different styles, from  spiral stairs as the main photo on our stair page, just completed in the eastern suburbs, to a straight flight of stairs, to even upside down stairs, were the treads look the same top or bottom, curved stairs were you walk up from both side to make a grand entrance at the top.

There are many finishes you can put on stairs from a simple carpet to a wood finish. to a marble finish, to tiles, with curved stairs, you can mirror the curve from the stairs in the slab to get the wow effect, which with the right handrail looks fantastic, so give us a call for your next set of concrete stairs.

We are specialist concrete stair formworkers servicing the entire Sydney metropolitan area. We have offices in the Eastern Suburbs and on the Northern Beaches. No job is too big or small.  Urgent and emergency concreting jobs can usually be accommodated.