Concrete Spiral Staircase – Formwork and Concreting

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Spiral Stair Design and Concreting

Spiral stairs have many benefits, one of these being space efficiency.  Add to this the strength and durability of concrete and the addition of spiral stairs to any residential or commercial building, and concrete spiral stairs are a winner.

spiral staircases

The benefits of concrete spiral stairs

Spiral staircases can be used in smaller spaces.

Spiral stairs require less space compared to traditional straight stairs. They can be installed in compact areas, making them ideal for small homes or places with limited space. Spiral stairs can be used outdoors, connecting different levels of a garden, patio or deck.

The strength and durability of concrete

Concrete spiral stairs offer the strength and durability to withstand different weather conditions and heavy traffic areas whilst still providing an attractive and functional solution for any indoor or outdoor space.

A spiral staircase has visual appeal.

Spiral stairs can be aesthetically striking. They are often considered a design feature, enhancing the overall visual appeal of a building or interior. Spiral stairs can serve as a focal point in a room, drawing attention and becoming a central element of the interior or exterior design.

Spiral stairs can be customised.

The design of spiral stairs is very flexible and they can customised in various materials, styles, and finishes.  Concrete spiral staircases can be left as-is, polished, carpeted or timber flooring added to suit any architectural style. This adaptability makes them suitable for both modern and traditional settings.

The safety features of spiral staircases.

Spiral stairs can be equipped with handrails and balusters for enhanced safety.  An encased spiral staircase adds additional safety.

The benefits of ventilation and light

The design of spiral stairs often allows for better ventilation and natural light distribution in the area where they are installed, contributing to a more comfortable and well-lit environment.

spiral stairs formwork
WhIt’s not all about design aesthetics… The image above highlights the expertise required to provide strength and stability to a spiral staircase, which is paramount.

We are concrete spiral stair specialists

Below are examples of spiral staircases designed and built by our highly skilled formworkers and concreters.  If you’re considering installing spiral stairs in your home or workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for advice. Our team can work cohesively with builders, project managers and architects and are always happy to work directly with homeowners.