Common driveway repairs

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Common problems with concrete driveways and how to repair them.

When a concrete driveway is incorrectly laid initially or is very old, problems can occur. Below is a list of common driveway repairs we regularly encounter.

1. Lifting or raising/rising concrete driveways

There can be many different reasons why concrete lifts or rises. A common cause is tree roots below the concrete pushing it up over time. Roots can also cause a concrete driveway to crack.

Expansion and contraction of the soil below the concrete driveway can also cause concrete to lift (see below). Soil conditions can also

2. Cracking concrete driveways

Another cause of lifting concrete is poor soil below the concrete. If the area below the concrete isn’t prepared correctly with adequate gravel and drainage then, over time, water and changing soil conditions (i.e. drying out and getting saturated then shrinking and expanding) can cause the concrete to move and crack.

Strategically placed seams throughout the concrete driveway, called ‘controlled joints’, can reduce cracking.

3. Sinking concrete driveways

Again, this is usually caused by inadequate installation and drainage issues.  If the area below and adjacent to the concrete driveway is not back-filled correctly then, after the concrete cures and settles over time it may drop or sink.

Is my driveway safe to use?

Are these problems something to be concerned about?  It depends on the extent of the damage and whether it has inhibited the integrity of the concrete. It’s best to contact us for advice on 0402 336 586 or email your photos to

driveway repairs northern beaches
Here we’ve marked where the customer wanted us to replace an uneven section of the driveway (Belrose, Northern Beaches)

Repairing or resurfacing an existing concrete driveway

We are often asked whether it’s possible to repair or fix an existing driveway and the answer is YES!

If the existing concrete driveway and sub-structure is in relatively sound condition and it won’t cause problems adding a few inches of additional concrete on top of the existing driveway then, in most cases, we can pour new concrete onto of the existing slab(s).

Resurfacing an old driveway can not only increase its durability and lifespan but can add value to a property as it will look like new and can even be coloured, stamped or stencilled to match the aesthetics of the house and landscaping.

Driveway repair and resurfacing quotes

With 40+ years of concreting and formwork experience, we bring extensive knowledge in all aspects of concrete driveway installation, repair and resurfacing.  We bring the highest level of workmanship to all our projects with unparalleled attention to detail and a professional approach to every job. We are a friendly team, focused on our customers’ needs and satisfaction and getting the job done – on time and within budget.

Servicing the entire Sydney metropolitan area, we have local teams based on the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs.  We regularly work on the Upper and Lower North Shore and Sydney CBD.