Concreters Eastern Suburbs and Inner City Projects (Spring 2023)

concreters eastern suburbs

Below is a summary of some of the Eastern Suburbs concrete projects completed by our team.

With a highly skilled crew and all the equipment required to complete all residential and commercial concreting jobs quickly and efficiently, the local team at N & S Formwork and Concreting Eastern Suburbs have the expertise to undertake all concreting projects – big or bespoke – on time and budget. Below are just a few examples of recent projects completed and in progress by our Eastern Suburbs concreters.

concreters eastern suburbs bronte
Above: Timber texture (board form) applied to the concrete exterior of the Bronte property.

New architecturally designed home in Bronte

This architecturally designed home in Bronte couldn’t be in a more spectacular Eastern Suburbs location. Opposite the park and a short stroll to Bronte Beach, it was an amazing place to work.

The harsh coastal location called for the extensive use of concrete so it could withstand the salt, wind and sun whilst remaining low maintenance and looking great no matter the conditions.

The photo above and below highlights how we used board form concrete to create an exterior timber look whilst benefiting from the strength and durability of concrete. As a feature, the owner followed the board form concrete into the interior walls of the home.

Board form involves imprinting a timber-look texture to the surface of the concrete.  This is one when the concrete is still wet enough to imprint the pattern and/or texture. It is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications like building exteriors, walls, floors, furniture and benchtops.

The benefits of board form concrete includes: 

  • it is extremely durable
  • it can withstand heavy wear and tear
  • it lasts for a long time
  • it is resistant to fading and UV damage
  • it requires little maintenance
  • it is a cost-effective alternative to using stone, pavers or bricks

This spectacular tri-level home was built into the sloping block and featured a swimming pool at the rear.

concreters eastern suburbs bronte

Three storey boarding house in Glebe (Inner City)

This new boarding house in Glebe, in the Inner City Sydney, comprised three stories, each with 10 separate rooms plus an outdoor patio area.

This was a relatively simple build for our concreters and form workers because the block was level and we had direct access from the street. The only issue occurred when, as the building grew in height, care had to be taken when craning materials onto the upper levels without obstructing the electricity wires.

concreters eastern suburbs glebe

House extension in Surrey Hills

This project involved a ground floor extension added to an existing home in Surrey Hills in the Inner City Sydney.

In the photo below, you can see the formwork taking shape in preparation for the suspended concrete slab forming the roof of the ground floor extension.

Just out of the photo is the slab-on-ground concrete floor which became a new indoor / outdoor kitchen and dining area.  The owner chose to retain the concrete floor and we finished it with a burnished concrete effect.

Burnished concrete is a finish that involves polishing the surface to achieve a smooth, glossy and reflective surface.  The surface isn’t polished down far enough to expose the aggregate.  Burnished concrete retains the original layers providing durability but giving a more contemporary look to the concrete. It is also not as slippery as some polished concrete. Best of all, for an alfresco kitchen area it will be durable enough to sustain wear and tear, spills and heavy traffic.

Burnished concrete offers a modern, sleek aesthetic and is a popular choice for retail stores, restaurants and warehouses. It is gaining popularity in residential homes.  A burnished concrete finish provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring solution since it utilises the existing concrete substrate, eliminating the need for additional flooring materials. Like all concrete flooring, it is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and abrasion, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Next, we waterproofed and added drainage to the roof of the extension in preparation for a rooftop garden complete with concrete garden beds that we formed in-situ.  We built a new 6.5 metre high Dinsel wall ready for the installation of a vertical green wall of plants.

Dincel is a waterproof polymer modular wall system.  It is fast to erect and can typically be installed a day after the concrete has been poured. It’s important Dincel is installed by qualified tradespeople (like the team at N & S).

Dincel was a fast and easy construction solution for this project.

concreters eastern suburbs

Eastern Suburbs concreting quotes

With 40+ years of concreting experience, we bring extensive knowledge to any concrete and formwork project.  We provide a high level of services and workmanship on all our projects, with attention to detail and a professional approach to every job. We are a friendly team, focused on our customers’ needs and satisfaction and getting the job done.

We have a local Eastern Suburbs team of concreters, formworkers and steel fixers that are able to handle all residential and commercial projects, large and bespoke. We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area including the Eastern Suburbs, Upper and Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD.