Concrete driveways North Shore

driveways north shore

New Driveway Installation

Your driveway is possibly the hardest working area of your home. A concrete driveway is a practical and durable solution, providing safe vehicle and pedestrian access in and out of your property for decades.  It’s constantly bearing the weight of cars and is exposed to harsh weather conditions daily. It can either enhance or detract from the appeal of a property.

Our driveway installation and repair services include:
  • New concrete driveways and extensions
  • Driveway excavation and drainage
  • Driveway formwork and steel fixing
  • Driveway removal and replacement
  • Driveway resurfacing, sealing and painting
  • Colour concrete driveways, stencilling and stamping
  • Exposed aggregate driveways
  • Driveway design advice
concrete driveways north shore
For this client, we extended their driveway to add more visitor parking. We built concrete retaining walls and extended the existing stairs to make access easier and safer.

Driveway Repairs

We can repair, fix and extend existing driveways making them structurally safe, improve pedestrian access and be more practical for the specific needs of your household.

If the existing concrete driveway and sub-structure are in relatively sound condition and won’t cause problems adding a few inches of additional concrete on top of the existing driveway then, in most cases, we can pour new concrete onto the existing slab(s).   We can often ‘cut out’ problem a section of an existing concrete driveway and replace it with fresh concrete that is structurally sound and will last for decades to come.

Can my driveway be repaired?

It can be more practical and cost-effective to repair an existing driveway.  Whether this is possible depends on the extent of the damage and whether it has inhibited the integrity of the concrete. It’s best to contact us for advice at 0402 336 586 or email your photos to

Driveway Resurfacing

We are often asked whether it’s possible to repair or fix an existing driveway and the answer is YES!

If the existing concrete driveway and sub-structure is in relatively sound condition and it won’t cause problems adding a few inches of additional concrete on top of the existing driveway then, in most cases, we can pour new concrete onto of the existing slab(s).

Resurfacing an old driveway can not only increase its durability and lifespan but can add value to a property as it will look like new and can even be coloured, stamped or stencilled to match the aesthetics of the house and landscaping.

Driveway quotes

Our local team of North Shore concreters are specialists when it comes to designing and installing new driveways and repairing old ones.  We can surface your existing driveway, making it safer for use and transforming the appearance of your property.

With 40+ years of concreting experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to any concrete driveway and formwork project.  We provide a high level of services and workmanship on all our driveway projects, with attention to detail and a professional approach to every job.

We have local teams based on the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs.  We can handle driveway projects – large and bespoke – on time and budget. We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area including the Upper and Lower North Shore and Sydney CBD.


Driveway photos

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driveway concreter north shore
The original brick driveway at this property had started lifting and became uneven. It was dangerous and impractical. We removed the brick driveway and replaced it with a long-lasting, heavy duty concrete driveway. See below for the finished result.
driveways north shore
The finished result after we removed the old brick driveway and replaced it with a solid, long-lasting coloured concrete driveway.