What are driveway crossovers?

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What is a driveway crossover?

A driveway crossover (also called a driveway crossing or driveway apron) is the section of a drive that extends out to the street from the property boundary, usually onto Council land.

The driveway crossover is the transition area between the road and the property.

Its construction is typically reinforced or thickened concrete that can withstand the weight of vehicles, resist cracking and withstand deterioration from the elements and the weight of cars.

Importantly, the driveway crossover should provide accessibility for pedestrians.  It must include adequate drainage and curbs to facilitate proper water runoff.

Driveway crossovers must comply with planning regulations stipulated by your local council (i.e. Northern Beaches Council, Woollahra Council, Kuring-gai Council, Mosman Council, etc).

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