The rising popularity of concrete benchtops

concrete benchtop sydney kitchen island bench

Concrete benchtops Sydney.

Over the past few years, concrete benchtops have gained popularity and are no longer the domain of industrial properties.

Concrete benchtops and countertops are now commonplace in residential homes around Sydney and are sought after due to their durability, versatility and unique appearance.

The use of architectural concrete is not just popular for benchtops but can be used to create dining tables, entertainment units, unique seating and so much more.

concrete benchtops sydney custom made desk
Custom-made concrete benchtop used as a desk.

Making concrete benchtops

Concrete benchtops are can be made by pouring concrete into a mould or a frame (formwork) that is made on site and the concrete poured in situ.  The concrete is then allowed to cure and harden.

Depending on the desired external appearance of the benchtop, the concrete can be polished and sealed to create a smooth or glossy finish.  Patterns and designs on the concrete benchtop can be created with the use of stamps and stencils.

Striking and unique designs can be made with exposed aggregate concrete benchtops which involves exposing the small stones and/or aggregates within the concrete surface, creating a textured and decorative appearance.

concrete benchtops sydney kitchen
Concrete benchtops can be created in a wide range of colours and textures.

The benefits of concrete benchtops

Concrete benchtops are a stylish and practical option for any residential, commercial or industrial space where a durable and visually striking work surface is needed – or just where an industrial design aesthetic is required.

Customised concrete benchtops can be made to any size or shape making them a great option for unique or irregularly-shaped spaces.

With a range of colour and texture options available, concrete benchtops are a long-lasting, extremely durable alternative to natural and manufactured stones such as marble, granite and Caesarstone.

Concrete benchtops can withstand heavy use and are resistant to heat, scratches and stains.  With proper care and maintenance, concrete benchtops will last for decades.

Concrete benchtop quotes

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