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Concrete Pools Northern Beaches & North Shore, Sydney.

When it comes to choosing the construction of your new pool, concrete offers the greatest flexibility in the pool’s design, form and colour.

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A concrete pool can be created in just about any shape, size and depth limited only by the land size and gradient.

Best of all, with an enormous range of tiles and paint colours to choose from, the only limitation is your imagination.

A concrete pool can be designed to blend seamlessly with your home and garden or to create a striking contrast. The choice is yours.

A beautifully designed inground concrete pool can add considerable value to your home and transform the functionality of an underutilised area of your garden.

A pool is not only somewhere to cool off on a hot summer’s day, but can be a sanctuary of relaxation and stylish addition to any outdoor space, adding value to your property.

Our concrete pool services include :
  • Formwork and concreting of new, inground pools and spas.
  • Alterations and additions to existing concrete pools and spas.
  • Concrete pool underpinning and remedial work.
  • Concrete pool resurfacing, repainting and retiling.

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The benefits of concrete pools

  • Durability. A concrete pool should last around 50-70 years.
  • Concrete pools can withstand seasonal changes.
  • Concrete pools are versatile in their design, shape and depth.
  • Not as limited by location or access issues as with fibreglass pools.
  • Can be designed in an infinite range of colours and tiles.
How long do concrete pools last?

Concrete pools are extremely durable. Typically, a concrete pool that has been built correctly should last around 50 – 70 years.

Is a concrete pool more expensive than a fibreglass pool?

Typically, the cost of a concrete pool compared to a fibreglass option is roughly the same.  We are concreters and formworkers and aren’t in the business of supplying and installing fibreglass pools however our colleagues in the industry inform us that the costs are very similar.

As a fibreglass pool comes in its complete, moulded form, they often have to be craned up and over the property. This can add considerable expense to the pool cost.

Concrete pools do not have such limitations as they are built in-situ giving property owners a lot more choice in respect to the pool’s location and design.

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We provide quality concrete and formwork services for all residential and commercial pools, including the installation of new pools and resurfacing. No job is too big or too small.

With 40+ years of concreting experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to any concrete pool project. We provide a high level of services and workmanship on all our projects, with attention to detail and a professional approach to every job.

We are a friendly team, focused on our customers’ needs and satisfaction – and getting the job done.

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